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Spin the Plate now in Post-Production

I had a fruitful collaboration with long time Actor and first time Director, Eric Eastman, Spin the Plate. With the group from Pack of Dog Productions, LLC we began the epic journey of bringing the heroic story of “Spin the Plate” to life. The film follows a woman's emotional, spiritual, legal, and ultimately romantic journey as she battles to heal the wounds of child sexual abuse. It's an independent film in the truest sense of the word based on the Award-winning novel of the same name by Donna Anastasia.

This was the first time since “The Joneses” movie in 2013, did I get the chance to visit a tale with such complexity and nuance in characters. The cinematography had to reflect the world the character and not intrude on the story. It was a challenge to maintain the continuity of style on a feature that was shot with a rotating volunteer crew over the course of 4 months. Here a few behind the scenes of us making the film.


It stars Becki Dennis (American Hustle, Ted 2), Dan Merriman, and Carolyn Fournier. It's due to premiere in Summer of 2015. For more information on the project see the website at


Parallel to Premiere on May 16th

The first teaser for the short film, Parallel, where I served as Director of Photography is now online. I had a chance to work with long time collaborator and talented multi-award-winning filmmaker, Mikel J. Wisler alongside the Stories by the River Team. We had previously collaborated on a film that I directed, Worm Free Society and several other shorts in various capacity.

Parallel stars a local New England cast including Paul Kandarian, Juan C. Rodríguez, Kate Rodriguez, and Erica Derrickson (The Heat with Sandra Bullock, Melt).