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New Feature "Unidentified" is Announced

For the better part of the last decade, I have been in collaboration with fellow filmmaker Mikel J. Wisler. We've always been making short films in New England. We've done many and garnered awards for them. It was a means of understanding the medium, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and then honing the art and craft of filmmaking at the hands on level before then asking an audience to spend 90 or 100 minutes with us.

After a decade of growth, Director, Mikel Wisler is ready to take the big step and make his first feature and I have the great honor of serving as the Director of Photography / Cinematographer on the film, Unidentified. I've read many scripts and 90% of them are not quite ready for production but they go into production anyways. They result in "mixed results." Even so early in development, Unidentified takes into account many of the pitfalls that first time feature film directors fall into. It's fundamental to know your team, understanding your audience, genre, and budget restrictions. The most intriguing thing to me is that it brings a unique vision to horror scifi genre and tells a great story.

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Parallel to Premiere on May 16th

The first teaser for the short film, Parallel, where I served as Director of Photography is now online. I had a chance to work with long time collaborator and talented multi-award-winning filmmaker, Mikel J. Wisler alongside the Stories by the River Team. We had previously collaborated on a film that I directed, Worm Free Society and several other shorts in various capacity.

Parallel stars a local New England cast including Paul Kandarian, Juan C. Rodríguez, Kate Rodriguez, and Erica Derrickson (The Heat with Sandra Bullock, Melt).


That a wrap for "Melt"

Over the past four days we had an incredible four day shoot for Melt. This marks the second collaboration with Stories by the River. Rajah served as the Producer and Casting Director for this short film that was directed by Chaz Sutherland. A special thanks to Mikel Wisler for going above and beyond the call of duty to get us to the finish line, in the Post Production side of things.